About the Online Store

Welcome to Living Arts College's Online Store! Easily shop and purchase merchandise from Living Arts College. Products include Apparel, Accessories, Extra Art Supplies for class, and much more.

Simply shop the categories above, add products to your cart, checkout, then pickup on campus.

During checkout you can either pay for your items with any valid credit card or select Cash on Delivery (COD) which allows you to pay with cash on campus when you pickup your items.

All items must be purchased ONLINE first!

Once an item is purchased either by Credit Card or Cash on Delivery (COD) a copy of the confirmation can be taken to the campus Bursar's office ¯ Room B105 to confirm payment. Once payment has been confirmed, the confirmation email can be shown to the associate at the Pickup Site ¯ Room B104 for pickup of the purchased item or items.


See STORE PICKUP Instructions below for both Credit Card and Cash On Delivery purchases.


STORE PICKUP Instructions

•    During checkout, provide your name and contact information.
•    After the order is processed and verified, a pickup confirmation email will be sent.
•    Go to the Bursar's office on campus -- Room B105 -- to confirm payment.
•    Go to the Pickup Site on campus -- Room B104 -- within 90 days to pick up your order, bring the pickup confirmation email (or show the associate the email on your phone) and a valid photo ID.

Additional STORE PICKUP Notes
•    Only the person designated to pick up the package during the online checkout process will be authorized to receive the order.
•    A reminder email will be sent to you if your package has not been picked up after 7 days. A final reminder email goes out after 30 days.
•    We only accept credit cards or cash as payment for Store Pickup orders.
•    All orders are subject to complete verification.

* Living Arts College's Privacy Policy, Return Policy and Terms of Service are accessible at Checkout.